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Rockland Historical Society Facts

The Rockland Historical Society was organized in 1977, as the Shore Village Historical Society, to collect and preserve the history of the Rockland area.

To preserve and promote Rockland's unique local history.

The collection includes information on local industries such as: lime, granite, fishing, shipbuilding, and other important seacoast businesses and industries. It includes the archives of four local newspapers; several large historic photograph collections; and information about the local railroads, schools, churches, social and cultural organizations, and a major resort hotel. The collection also includes the extensive archives of the Rockland Grand Army of the Republic and related materials about the Civil War.

The Rockland Historical Society's museum and archives are housed in climate controlled rooms on the lower level of the Rockland Public Library.

The Rockland Historical Society provides several free educational programs each year and has published six books on Rockland history and assisted in the publication of several others.